Evolved Todo List!!AI automatically executes tasks

AI service [andLLM] that allows anyone to easily ″utilize″ AI.


Are you using the AI you've introduced?

Only10%of employees are making use of AI!!

To use AI Learning is troublesome

Not usable in practice (unknown use)

I didn't see the convenience of AI

Everyone can easily ″utilize″ AI andLLM


Todo AI

AI executes the filled-in todo list


Todo AI

Just fill in your todo list as you always fill in notes, and the AI will perform the task for you. Non-AI tasks can also be used as a regular todo list.

Simply fill in your Todo

AI automatically detects task content

No AI-specific instructions (prompts) required

Multifunctional chat to support you through to completion

AI Chat

Multifunctional AI Chat [andLLM]


Explanatory AI

A supplementary AI chat space is provided. If there are any uncertainties in the content created by AI chat, you can use the sub-chat to check meanings or make partial summaries. All sub-chat results are stored in the sub-chat history in the body of the message, so you can look back on them.

〇Sub-chat ・Auxiliary chat function ・Tips feature  ・Meaning  ・Summary  ・Web search


Web Summarization AI

andLLM offers numerous features available in all plans, from editing AI chat results to saving and preparing desired prompts.

・AI chat (ChatGPT) ・Chat editing function ・History feature ・Context switch function ・Bookmarking feature ・Note-taking feature ・andLLM prompt ・Prompt form, etc.


Many basic functions

You can verify the authenticity of AI results on the spot and investigate any ambiguities. It also allows for efficient research by summarizing websites and asking questions about their content.

〇Web search feature (β version) ・Site summarization function ・Question to site feature


Only 1 plan


Basic Subscription Fee


Monthly (per user)

(Including tax $2.18)

Try our free plan first

* Only for Lite・Basic models * Up to 30,000 tokens free trial available

AI Chat


Equipped with numerous basic features

・Todo AI ・andLLM Prompt+500 ・Prompt Form feature ・My Prompt feature ・Bookmark feature ・In-chat web search ・Website summary ・Website question ・Sub-chat feature ・Partial summary of the generated text ・Memo feature ・Result editing feature ・Block switch feature ・And many other features available

LLM Model

Lite Model [LLM (High Speed)]

Standard Model [LLM (High Precision)]

Premium Model [LLM (Super High Precision)]

Usage-based fee

$0.007 / 1k tokens

$0.01 / 1k tokens

$0.07 / 1k tokens

Usage examples for Basic Plan

Example 1: Those who want to use it for conversations with AI, etc.

$0.5 and upand up (per month)

(Monthly tokens: 50,000 tokens and up)

※ Token usage varies by individual and frequency of use

Example 2: For those who want to "use it" in their business.

$3.0 and upand up (per month)

(Monthly tokens: 300,000 tokens and up)

※ Token usage varies by individual and frequency of use

Company Profile

Company Name

andLLM Co., Ltd.


2-17-8 Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0014


Hiromi Iwashita


August 2023


  • Operation of AI chat service andLLM
  • Commissioned work such as building and implementing large-scale language models (LLM)
  • Research and development of the latest AI technology, etc.